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ENG SUB【锦心似玉 The Sword and The Brocade】EP01 两人初相遇,徐令宜水中救下十一娘(钟汉良、谭松韵) ENG SUB【锦心似玉 The Sword and The Brocade】EP35 丹阳平安诞生子嗣,十一娘激将法帮二娘(钟汉良、谭松韵) 侯爷与娇妻缠绵圆房,睡醒就抱着她继续甜蜜亲不停,连早朝都不想去了!💕【锦心似玉 the sword and the brocade】 ENG SUB【锦心似玉 The Sword and The Brocade】EP18 徐令宜领回私生子,温柔公主抱十一娘(钟汉良、谭松韵) ENG SUB【锦心似玉 The Sword and The Brocade】EP15 赈灾粮现霉米,十一娘临危不乱(钟汉良、谭松韵) ENG SUB【锦心似玉 The Sword and The Brocade】EP20 徐令宜对十一娘生情,却也发现十一娘在外教刺绣(钟汉良、谭松韵) ENG SUB【锦心似玉 The Sword and The Brocade】EP09 十一娘与徐令宜闹脾气,二人分床而睡(钟汉良、谭松韵) ENG SUB【锦心似玉 The Sword and The Brocade】EP28 十一娘误伤徐令宜,徐令宜留下和离书(钟汉良、谭松韵) ENG SUB【锦心似玉 The Sword and The Brocade】EP04 王煜求娶十一娘,乔莲房入徐家为妾(钟汉良、谭松韵) ENG SUB【锦心似玉 The Sword and The Brocade】EP26 乔莲房认罪,十一娘回徐府(钟汉良、谭松韵) ENG SUB【锦心似玉 The Sword and The Brocade】EP16 徐令宜归京救十一娘,十一娘执掌中馈(钟汉良、谭松韵) ENG SUB【锦心似玉 The Sword and The Brocade】EP07 十一娘入徐府家门,与徐令宜大婚(钟汉良、谭松韵) ENG SUB【锦心似玉 The Sword and The Brocade】EP24 十一娘假装怀孕,却反被乔莲房算计?(钟汉良、谭松韵) ENG SUB【锦心似玉 The Sword and The Brocade】EP06 二娘许配王煜,元娘病重离世(钟汉良、谭松韵) ENG SUB【锦心似玉 The Sword and The Brocade】EP03 罗二娘不顾姐妹之情陷害十一娘(钟汉良、谭松韵)


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